AW Notes, LLC
Building Wealth Through Non Performing Notes

AW Notes, LLC

We are an investment firm

specializing in cash flow.

"Building Wealth Through Non Performing Mortgage Notes."

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AW Notes is able to buy promissory notes at a discount, sometimes discounted to 50-70% of the original value, and we have the house as collateral backing our investment.

Our close partnerships with banks, hedge funds and attorneys differentiate us from the competition, and provide the best resources for our clients and joint venture business partners. 

Many investors also grow their retirement IRA accounts tax-free via note investing. Contact us to find out how!

What is Note Investing? 

Watch our quick, 4-minute video for an introduction to investing in notes, including how it works, why we do it, who is involved and what you can do to get involved today.

We also have more content available here, including an in-depth, 10-minute video from Eric Hyde explaining the process in greater depth. 

Sourcing Notes

Due to the relationships we've built with banks and hedge fund managers, we are able to source our distressed mortgages directly to provide a solution for both the banks and our investors.

Due Diligence

We conduct strict due diligence of these tapes to filter out the assets that don't meet our investors investing criteria.

Acquisition of Notes

Once a note is purchased, we immediately reach out to the borrowers through our attorneys and loan servicing companies to find out their needs and desires moving forward.  We have many different options for the borrowers and many exit strategies for our investments so all parties are successful.

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