AW Notes, LLC
Building Wealth Through Non Performing Notes
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How It Works

How does it work?

Note investing has provided investors with above average returns and is always secured by the house itself.  For our Joint Venture partners, note investing creates a passive cash flow and builds wealth.  Our team does the work while the investors receive the income stream.

AW Notes buys promissory notes at a discount, sometimes up to 50% of the original value, and we have the house as collateral backing our investment.

This investment method provides several profitable exit strategies, including reinstating the current borrower, offering cash for keys, deed in lieu of foreclosure or even a full foreclosure since we control the asset.  Once we control the asset, we have several options for profit from there.

The best part for many is promissory notes offers a passive income that often earns a return higher than the average stock portfolio. Clients even have the option to use their IRA to invest, and sometimes earn tax free returns.  

A couple of videos are attached to help you explain this in a more detailed, visual manner. 


Note Investing for Beginners: A 10-minute Introduction